Weather Rant

Don't think that since I've been posting all these warm fuzzies about snow I have been happy about the weather around here. Even though I have discovered my relatively high tolerance for cold/snow, I have discovered an element that I truly despise: wind.
Wind is El Diablo himself. The wind-chill factor makes everything feel colder. Wind at night causes a commotion loud enough to keep me awake long into the night. Wind makes walking around in the rain with an umbrella nearly impossible. Wind severely dries my eyes out. Wind f**ing sucks.
DC (I propose we call it "little Chicago" or perhaps, "the OTHER windy city") has plenty of wind, especially this week. Today wind speeds may reach as high as 60 miles per hour!! That's a slow car on a freeway! At the risk of sounding a little dramatic, I could get knocked down in this crazy wind and die of a concussion. And I can kiss the cherry blossoms goodbye- there is no way they are going to survive this crap-ass weather.
I have decided that while I may tolerate snow, I could never live somewhere with wind (nor fog, after waking up to dew on my head-turned-afro every July morning in SF) again.


At April 17, 2007 3:25 PM, Blogger garne said...

Funny! Wind is "Gand"! That is the verdict.


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