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Note To Self

Low Carb Diet + Alcohol + work the next day = Grumpy Hungover Dani


Confessions of a Law School Graduate

Don't tell a Bar Exam Survivor that tofu "mmm...tastes like chicken."*
This is what happens...
Seems so harmless, doesn't it? WELL YOU'RE WRONG, ASSHOLE.

A Practice in Deducing the Obvious
by D.V. Studytoohard

Issue: whether one who hates chicken would enjoy tofu.

Rule: i hate chicken.

Analysis: it follows then, that i would at least strongly dislike a food (or, in this case, a food like substance) that tastes like chicken.

Conclusion: thus, it is probable that i would dislike tofu.

Sheesh! Anyone who is considering law school should first read this post.


*Disclaimer: Author does not intend to indicate that tofu tastes like chicken.There is no chicken or poultry byproduct in tofu and therefore tofu does not taste like chicken. "Mmm, tastes like chicken" is in fact a reference to the generic, flavorless taste of tofu. No chickens or tofu were harmed in the making of this post.


American Pick-Up Line of the Week

"Is your name 'DAMN?'
Cuz every time I look at you girl, I'm like, 'DAMN!'"