I Love the Nightlife, I got to Boogie...

18th Street Lounge-- DC's Best Worst-Kept Secret

If you were here asking me what I thought of the DC nightlife so far, you'd see me squint one eye, tilt my head to the right and say, "eeeeh. It's so-so."

And so-so it is indeed. It's a tiny one. It's a fratty one too. But nevertheless, you can WALK to it (10 points for DC!) which wouldn't happen in LA (minuses 10 points) if you lived within a mile of the place.

Other Pluses/Minuses:

**The cover charge and drinks are less/the cab ride home is pricey
**You don't need to valet (well, they usually don't even offer valet)/say goodbye to your super cute, but uncomfortable shoes because you'll never make it in those puppies to the place alive
**It is lacking a uber-trendy scene, which means you don't ever have to be dressed to the nines/you don't ever get to be dressed to the nines-- it's usually to the fours or fives
**It's easy to figure out what there is to do around town/all the good stuff is in shady neighborhoods. Also, there is an underground scene in DC that is very much NOT underground. For example, you'll go to a place with no sign on the door, but everyone and their mamas will be there (see 18th Street Lounge picture above)
**Adams Morgan: tons and tons of clubs and bars all conveniently located on one street/Adams Morgan: plenty of sleazy, skeezy men all conveniently located on one street
**There are plenty of late night eats/you are not likely to be out that late. There are more happy hours here than anything else

All in all, it's not a bad place to go out in once in a while, but the nightlife is definitely not its strong point. I don't mind though, because in trade, I have not met an overly-narcissistic Hollywood air-head to date. I am lucky that I will have visits back to Cali to balance it out though. Which reminds me, I will be in LA between 11/18-25 for Thanksgiving -- Dub Club anyone? Being in this chocolate city with a marshmallow center and a graham cracker crust of corruption for so long has given me some rasta-cravings..."out in the streets, they call it murda..."


Great Nerdy Website

The Free Dictionary is my new favorite homepage. It has word of the day, wikipedia, this day in history stuff, (easy) word games and more all on one page!! whooo hooo!!
And it has good synonym exercises (see the "match up section) for people who need to study for the GRE and other exciting tests...



Ladies and Gentlegerms, I have arrived! Well, I actually arrived a month ago, but you've gotta give a girl time to settle!

I know you are all wondering: how long will she last? I have no idea, but so far, so good. One thing I will say I am enjoying about the East Coast (and I mean this in the most loving way possible) is that people here are a little more nerdy and uptight than the WC. What's so great about that you ask? It makes me 10x's funnier and more amusing! I have discovered the secret for uptight Californians: move to the East Coast! You could never be as bad as them, so you'll always be the most chillin, rhymin and stealin badass on the block. I think every anal Caliboy and girl should give this a shot at some point in their lives...

If you haven't been to DC, here's what it's like here: DC is like undergrad for twenty-somethings. Especially Dupont Circle (where I live). People walk around in their Reef flip-flops, they party, they study, they read on the grass when it's sunny, Starbucks when it's raining, then after a 2-4 year run they move back home. This place is so transient it's insane. Try buying or selling furniture on Craigslist here. The good stuff gets swept away in a heartbeat. Same with a good, affordable apartment (which is why I'm so damn lucky to have found my place).

As for work, this place is a lot like International House at Cal. People are smart and cultured. The age range and education level varies. Everyone is friendly. You have orientation, you have speakers, you even have parties sometimes. People are uber-nerdy and sometimes awkward (but like I said, this can work to your advantage!). There is office gossip (except on a much larger scale-- I think there are 2000 people in this building). Like I-House, there is incestuous dating and even marriages coming out of this office (calm down mom). Like I-House, you really don't need to leave the building: there's a gym, a counseling center, a "meditation and relaxation room," a huge cafeteria, etc, etc. Also like I-House, there are parts of the building that are really depressing and could use an extreme makeover. I also have the same feeling I had when I first started I-House: I think I'm going to like this place.

But don't think I am not keeping it real out here. Cali still trumps all. I miss Intermezzos salad, Temple Bar, and Shabbats with the fam. I miss my posse, especially my mooz of a sister. I don't miss the weather YET, but I know I will (I certainly don't miss the traffic either, although DC could really challenge LA in this department, but I'm taking their incredibly efficient and clean subway, so it doesn't affect me-- AAAAHEM, Los Angeles, take note).
I miss waxing certain cousins too. Get yer asses out here and visit soon, you crazy kids!


Caribbean Pick-Up Line of the Week

Hey maan, are you from Jamaica? 'Cause jamakin me crazy...