Great job Nance, but something's not right

Don't get me wrong, Pelosi is my woman. And becoming the first female Speaker of the House is quite an accomplishment, and good reason to look your best. But perhaps next time this CA Representative wants to change her eyebrows, she should avoid going to an SF drag queen for advice.

Pelosi has been critized for eyebrow troubles before. But now, like her power and status, Pelosi's eyebrows have reached an unprecedented height. What if she suddenly assumed the presidency or vice presidency? Where would those eyebrows go? Find out by reading this interview with Nancy's makeup artist.

Never-ever thought I'd say this

...but I think I like Arnie. I know his approval rating is fantastic right now, but I never thought I'd hop on the Governator Love Train. But I like "post-partisanship" and I like that he has big ideas, even if they're not always feasible. I think he actually has the political momentum to get things done too, which Angelides, in all his Democratic-ness, could not have done. Schwarzenegger actually has changed his persona and his priorities according to the opinions of his constituents, and he's not afraid to apologize. He's getting me all excited about California politics. I almost want to jump aboard the next plane to Sacramento and join his administration-- just kidding kids, I'm not that convinced...but with this crazy governor, who knows how I'll feel about it in a few years? This article sums it up rather well. See below...

Governor, in a hurry, walks political tight rope
By Daniel Weintraub -

Whatever you think of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, don't call him an incrementalist. He lives large and plays hard. And while he is fixated on the future, he sometimes seems to govern as if he thinks there is no tomorrow.

...Schwarzenegger used his State of the State speech Tuesday night to lay out plans for health care, infrastructure and environmental policy that would put or keep California on the cutting edge on all three issues. The tie that binds his approach on those fronts is action. He can't stand sitting back and waiting for things to happen. Or taking them step-by-step. He wants to do it all. Now.

"We are not waiting for politics," Schwarzenegger told a joint session of the Legislature. "We are not waiting for our problems to get worse. We are not waiting for the federal government. We are not waiting -- period. Because the future does not wait."

"In the past," Schwarzenegger said, "health care reform was always dead on arrival. But this year you can feel something different in the air. I can feel the energy, the momentum, the desire for action. You can feel that the time is right..."

On the environment, Schwarzenegger is back with a new step in his battle against global warming, one that won't require legislative approval. He has ordered his air quality bureaucracy to begin a discussion on rules that would reduce the amount of carbon in automotive fuels by 10 percent, and he wants the regulators to include a provision that would allow refiners to use a market-based system to accomplish his goal.

"Let us blaze the way, for the U.S., for China and for the rest of the world," Schwarzenegger told the Legislature. "Our cars have been running on dirty fuel for too long. Our country has been dependent on foreign oil for too long. I ask you to set in motion the means to free ourselves from oil and from OPEC. I ask you to encourage the free market to overthrow the old order. California has the muscle to bring about such change. I say use it."

This, apparently, is what Schwarzenegger means by post-partisan. His plans are a mix of right and left, Republican and Democrat. They are in some cases risky. But they are never dull.