Wedding Photos

Can be viewed on my yahoo account. Send me an email if you'd like to see them. But here are my three personal favorites:



I am, I am. I won free Thievery Corporation tickets for tonight!


Blackie's House of Beef on M and 22nd

Today I finally feel a little settled here in DC. I'm not sure why. Maybe because things are finally starting to fall into place at work. Maybe because I'm not getting lost every 10 minutes that I walk somewhere. Maybe because I am actually building relationships with the friends around me. Maybe because I'm starting to meet people who have been here for less time than me. Whatever the reason, it is a relief. Being the newbie is getting old.
Then I got to reminiscing again. Why have I been doing to much of that lately? This time I was remembering my first week in DC, house-hunting with pops. Below, and excerpt from an email to friends:

Things in DC so far have been good. I'm enjoying walking up and down Dupont with my dad (who hasn't stopped talking about this Blackie's Beef House- some restaurant he worked at here for three months over 40 years ago), enjoying all the trees, people in suits, and rowhouses galore. I've now been apartment hunting in DC all day. The housing market is bad, but now as horrendous as everone says. Nothing a crafty Persian-Latina woman like myself can't handle :) Let's just hope it all comes together before I start work on Monday...
You know, I have poked fun at mama on here, but papa is lacking. Hey Dad, I had a blast house hunting with you. Here is your precious Blackie's House of Beef: