Cultural Graffiti

I came across the Iran Graffiti and Urban Art Report blog accidentally this morning and I think it is awesome, but I'll let the art speak for itself. My personal favorite:
If that site interests you, you should also check out Gajin Fujita, a Japanese-American artist who beautifully fuses traditional Japanese art with East LA graffiti. His work was on display at LACMA earlier this year.


DC Celebrity Sighting

Apparently I am "from LA" now, so what LA chica is complete without her occasional celebrity sighting? I can't meet Steve Urkel in a club, speed past the Spelling mansion or spot an Olsen twin at Starbucks anymore (don't fret, I'll get over my loss), but I can use my camera phone to stalk a certain someone when I see him on the corner of 20th and M NW on a Thursday afternoon, trying to hail a cab all by his lonesome... Can you guess who?


Update: Lunch Bully

Note the following message posted to the crime scene this morning:Apparently there have been a series of reported food thefts taking place on my floor. As a result of the aforementioned thefts, a neighborhood food watch program has been implemented. As a part of this program, victims have the opportunity to publicly post logs of their stolen food items. I noticed that one particular John Doe not only had his Arizona green tea stolen, but lost a burrito only one week later. Tragic.
I find solace in knowing that I work in a place of snitch analists-- er, I mean activists! Yes, yes...activists.


Lunch Bully

I truly can't believe this, but someone at work actually stole my lunch today. I've searched the fridge about 18 times, and my carefully prepared, nutritious meal of zucchini, tofu, brown rice and black beans has yet to be found. I know it looked delicious, but seriously, what is wrong with people? So now some shmuck is enjoying the fruits of my labor and I have to go to my Farsi class hungry. Vaveylah beh een mamlekat.